The Vestry is the elected governing body of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.  Four members are elected each year at our parish annual meeting.  The Vestry has three primary canonical responsibilities:

  1. Take care of the parish finances; 
  2. Take care of parish buildings; and 
  3. Recommend people from the parish for ordination in the Episcopal Church.

However, the Rector consults with the Vestry on many other aspects related to our common life at St. Andrew’s.  A member of the Vestry should be open and willing to share their faith journey with others and to witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ in their life.

St. Andrew's Vestry 2022

The Vestry typically meets on the third Tuesday of the month. If parishioners or church committees have items to be considered at an upcoming regular vestry meeting, those requests should be received by the rector or the wardens 14 days prior to the meeting for review and/or inclusion on the agenda.

Vestry Members

Mary Katka, Senior Warden
Gretchen Hayslip, Junior Warden
Andrew Benson
Cris Blair
Jay Gillette
David Gravelle
Ken Feldman
Chris Jones
Liz Santiago
John Tait
Susan Wilbanks
Alison Wycoff
Megan McInnis* (Clerk)
Allen Wycoff* (Treasurer)