The Showcase: Items for sale to benefit St. Andrew’s

The Showcase, which began operation around 1971 from a modest beginning raising less than $700 per year, has grown to raising $2500 a year!  The money, originally used for special projects around the church, is now part of the church’s general budget.   In the beginning, the Showcase workers were begging for items to sell, both gently used and handcrafted things.  Today we have a plethora of merchandise, tasty jams, jellies and relishes, but good things are always welcome!

Volunteers are currently needed to help organize and price donated items for resale, and to help run the online presence of the shop on the St. Andrew’s Website. 

The Showcase is NOW OPEN in-person on Sunday Mornings!

We need someone to help with 8am coffee hour sales!

The jams and jellies of the St. Andrew’s Showcase continue to be available through Sherry Garman and Margo Smith!  There is a good stash at The Showcase at the church which will be available for purchase on Sunday mornings. Other showcase items will also be available for sale

Please stop by the Showcase (located outside the nursery and next to the Parish Hall) to shop and offer a few minutes of your time.

For more information or to express your interest in helping out with The Showcase, please contact Margo Smith (, Sherry Garman (, or Gail Larson (

Green Lake Soap Company homemade bath goods: 
Tea towels with hand-stitched designs:
Locally made jams, jellies, and relishes:

Zucchini Relish; Rhubarb Jam; Blackberry-Rhubarb; Apple-Grape; Strawberry; Orange Marmalade; Banana-Honey Jam; Concord Grape jelly; Raspberry-Cherry; Raspberry Jam; Carrot-Pineapple Marmalade; Blueberry-Rhubarb; Cherry-Pecan Preserve; Blackberry-Concord Grape; Strawberry-Blackberry Jam; and Raspberry Jelly.

The Showcase itself!

The Showcase and all of its trinkets and goods are for sale every Sunday morning in person after each service! Please email Sherry ( or Margo ( for specific questions about the current stock and for great holiday gift ideas and suggestions!