Week of 5-16-21

An important message from Fr. Rich

Dear Friends:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued new guidance about mask wearing for COVID-vaccinated people.  The Safer Worship Committee, Vestry, Staff, and I are closely monitoring these changes.  I find this advice to be surprising, exciting, and concerning as we contemplate how to safely return to in-person Sunday services.  There will be numerous meetings this week with the Vestry and advisory bodies as we discern a path forward.  Please know that Governor Inslee and Bishop Rickel have not yet amended their directives regarding COVID precautions for faith-based organizations and houses of worship.  These are the guidelines we must follow at this time.  I suspect they may be changed in the next few days.

In the meantime, I encourage our parishioners, age 12 and older, to get their COVID vaccination as soon as possible.  This will accelerate our plans to resume Sunday services and in-person outreach ministries.

If you have comments, questions, or concerns about this discernment process, you may direct them to me at richw@saintandrewsseattle.org, John Tait, Chair of the Safer Worship Task Force at jftait@hush.com, or our wardens, Mary Katka and Gretchen Hayslip, at wardens@saintandrewsseattle.org.

Yours in Christ,

Rich+  •  The Rev. Richard C. Weyls, Rector

A Word from the Pastoral Care Team

Call your pastoral care team! Even in the time of pandemic, the Body of Christ stays connected! If you are COVID weary, processing a loss, or just needing to talk something through, we are here for you; to pray, to listen, and to companion. Here are some of the ways we reach out to one another: We have a “Two by Two” ministry which connects parishioners who just need a periodic social call to know we’re all still here. (You are not alone!) We have healing ministers on duty every Sunday morning who are happy to pray with you in any need you might have. We have a prayer chain who prays regularly for any need we hear of. We have pastoral care coordinators who call to check in on people with larger needs or health issues, and, of course, our clergy are available for acute needs and on-going support. Please make your needs known or volunteer by contacting  Br. Stephan Gerhardt (gerhardt_stephan@yahoo.com or 206-781-4560) or Theresa Newell (theresa.newell01@gmail.com or 402-238-8325).

Spring Jams & Jellies for Sale!

This list of just 1/2 of the supply!

For pick-up or delivery call Margo Smith 206-800-5154 or Sherry Garman 206-364-4707

Build your own basket:

4 tiny samples $6
3 medium choices $12
3 large choices $ $18

Anyone need help getting a Covid vaccine appointment?

Think you might know someone who needs help getting a vaccine appointment? 

Parishioners Elizabeth Darlington and Margaret Cassady have volunteered to assist anyone who might need some help getting a vaccine appointment scheduled.  Feel free to reach out to either of them via email. Additional volunteers who can join in the effort are welcome!  Contact Elizabeth or Margaret for questions or to volunteer.

Elizabeth Darlington: elizabeth.darlington@gmail.com
Margaret Cassady: margaretcassady@hotmail.com

Need transportation to get to your COVID vaccine appointment in King County?  Call the Coordinated Vaccine Transportation Helpline at 425-943-6706 and find the ride that best fits your needs! Call 425-943-6706 (Press 5 for language assistance)

Update Your Profile Image

Parishioners, we could still use more profile photos in our online directory, as well as more anniversaries and birthdays in the system so we know who and when to celebrate each month in The Log!

Click here to login to your profile, and then you can make these adjustments:

***you can add your anniversary by clicking on the heading that says “Family” in your profile, and then entering the info below next to “anniversary.”

**you can add your profile photo by clicking on the blank photo space at the top of your profile. Then, click “upload image,” and select a picture that you have saved on your computer.

*you can add your birthdate by clicking on the heading that says “Main” in your profile, and then entering the info below next to “birthdate.”If you have any questions about this, please let me know, and I will try to help! You can email me at nataliei@saintandrewsseattle.org, or call me at the church.

Week of 5-16-21