At St. Andrew’s we aspire to live out the social justice call of the Gospel. We are committed to social justice education within our parish. If we are successful in our education, activism, and disciplines, we hope to inspire others who seek their own social justice calling.

In the past we have lent our efforts to immigration, living wage, hunger, globalization, and a number of other concerns. Right now we are focusing on anti-racism, racial equity, and homelessness, as we know that the issue of racism is intimately connected to homelessness and poverty.

We continue to explore the tools and resources already available to us within the greater Seattle area. Homelessness is being addressed in our local community—by us and many other groups. We need to know how we can join with those groups (religious, governmental, non-profit) to support those efforts.

Our One World Committee is our ministry group dedicated to social justice efforts in the parish, and St. Andrew’s also hosts Sacred Ground: A Racial Dialogue Series annually. Learn more about these efforts by clicking the links below.