Pastoral Care is a ministry we share as Christ's body offering healing, care, and support for mind, body, heart, and soul.

We have a pastoral care team who call to check in on people with larger needs or health issues, and, of course, our clergy are available for acute needs and on-going support. Please make your needs known or volunteer by contacting Theresa Newell (

Even in the time of pandemic, the Body of Christ stays connected! If you are COVID weary, processing a loss, or just needing to talk something through, we are here for you; to pray, to listen, and to be a companion. Here are some of the ways we reach out to one another:

Eucharistic Visitors take the eucharist to those who cannot attend services in person.

“Two by Two” Ministry connects parishioners who just need a periodic social call to know we’re all still here. (You are not alone!)

Healing Ministers

Healing Ministers are on duty every Sunday morning who are happy to pray with you in any need you might have.

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain prays regularly for any need they hear of.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry makes or collects donated prayer shawls to be passed on to someone having surgery, to a person going through a difficult time, or even to a new mom to wrap around herself and a new baby in the wee hours.

Card Ministry

The Card Ministry sends cards or notes to people in the parish for birthdays, graduations, condolences, or just because.

Pastoral Care at St. Andrew’s is an ongoing, evolving ministry based on needs and gifts of the parish. If you observe a need or feel called to a new area of pastoral ministry, please contact The Rev. Rebecca Endicott. 

•PDF: Tell Me About Coronavirus – for kids

•PDF: Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook – The Wellness Society

A workbook that will help kids and parents talk about COVID and ease their anxiety.