“In our formal rituals around Communion, we sometimes forget that the Last Supper occurred as a group of friends sharing a meal. This alternative way to remember Christ’s sacrifice and love can be used with friends and family members of all ages, and is ideally shared with a meal around a table”

Celtic Daily Prayer: Book Two, 950

We are excited to announce that House Church small groups will be continuing. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been committed to “seek and serve Christ in all persons” by following protocol that protects the health and safety of others. For St. Andrew’s House Church Groups, this meant participating in a small group of eight people virtually (one ‘person’ virtually can include anyone in the same household sharing the same screen) or in a small group of five people in-person practicing physical distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands and using hand sanitizer, bringing your own cup and plate, bringing your own food and drink, and whatever other precautions are necessary.

In a recent survey of the current eight groups, we discovered that our hopes that the groups would be able to worship together and meet different people in the congregation were fulfilled ten-fold! Many of the comments reflected that their House Church group got them through the pandemic and that they enjoyed the regular, deeper connection they had with a small group of people. Plus, the groups want to continue AND we want to form new groups!

Now that we have moved into the next normal, with many group members being vaccinated, we are eager to have groups meet either in person at someone’s home (following government pandemic precautions) or continue online with Zoom. Each group decides when and how frequently they will meet. Everyone who signs up is a participant, but additionally, you can sign up to be a Host or Prayer Leader.

If you’re interested in participating, email the parish office saintandrews@saintandrewsseattle.org