My personal ministry has always included the conservation of the earth. In Sunday School as a child and later as a leader, we cleaned up around the neighborhood, so it always felt like God’s work to me. I’d only been a member of St. Andrews a few months when I stayed after church one day to learn about Creation Keepers. I was amazed to hear what they’d accomplished! Soon there was a need for a chair and I was honored to help. For 17 years, this group has been recognized as a leader in the Episcopal community of churches. We’ve celebrated Earth Day, installed solar panels, and encouraged recycling, composting, and use of real dishes! We work closely with the important Sacred Ground committee to care for bees and an organic garden on our sacred grounds. Most recently, we’ve worked to make our grounds “Be RainWise” and keep upwards of 100,000 gallons of water out of the sewer system annually. 

– Nancy Boutwell, Creation Keepers Chair 2019 to present

Creation Keepers Ministry seeks to increase the focus of care for God’s creation in St. Andrew’s facilities, programs & worship, as well as encourage & support individuals in taking steps in their personal lives towards a more sustainable future.

Creation Keepers Ministry has supported these initiatives:

  • Installing solar panels at St. Andrew’s
  • Serving shade grown coffee and reducing waste at church events
  • Greening the building and grounds
  • Raising awareness and action addressing climate change
  • Improving our level of recycling around the church building & offices
  • Engaging in food & faith issues such as eating locally grown foods that are lower on the food chain, supporting pollinators, and eating in community.

Creation Keepers would like to ask other parishioners who are concerned for the environment to join us and make stewardship of the earth part of their ministry in the church and the world. It can be as simple as joining our Zoom meetings every third Saturday of the month at 4 PM. We would love to have your ideas, your companionship, and your partnership as a Creation Keeper. If you are interested in participating or learning more about Creation Keepers, please contact Nancy Boutwell at